If you find yourseIf involved in a dispute, or are struggling to manage to resolve a situation, you will want to find a way to reduce that conflict and have some control over what the next steps will be.

Mediation may be the way to resolve that conflict.

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Frustrated by a colleague at work?

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Stressed by your relationship with your boss?

Struggling to agree with your ex partner over seeing the kids?

Not able to communicate with your ex?

We have the skills to support you, to find the right solutions, through a unique blend of mediation and coaching.

Mediation involves an independent third party, the mediator, who helps people to agree a solution when there is a disagreement. The mediator helps parties work out what their issues and options are, then use those options to work out an agreement. Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations such as:

In addition to offering mediation, we uniquely offer coaching prior to joint mediation, to ensure that both parties are ready to find solutions and work to find a positive way forward.

Our coaching practice is informed by applied neuroscience and we use the study of excellence to ensure that we offer a positive space for clients to come together.
We are based in the Scottish Borders and offer our services throughout the Scottish Borders, North of England, Edinburgh and Lothian’s.


We understand that confidentiality  is of utmost importance to all our clients and any query is treated in the strictest of confidence.

If you’re curious to find out more, or would like to have a no obligation chat to find out how we can support you to resolve your dispute. Call us on 07921 868 425 to discuss how we can help you and how our unique blend of mediation and coaching, might benefit you and your situation. Alternatively, drop us an email Catriona@resolutionmediationscotland.com

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