CONVID-19 UPDATE– Resolving conflict or difficulties with another person is our passion and we understand that the current challenging situation may mean greater conflict or difficulties for people within their work or families.  We are experts in providing mediation online and have a number of years’ experience providing mediation in this way. 

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Creating the space for
solutions to be found

Frustrated by a colleague at work?

Stressed by your relationship with your boss?

Struggling to agree with your ex partner over seeing the kids?

Not able to communicate with your ex?

We have the skills to support you, to find the right solutions, through a unique blend of mediation and coaching.

If you find yourseIf involved in a dispute, or are struggling to manage to resolve a situation, you will want to find a way to reduce that conflict and have some control over what the next steps will be.

Mediation may be the way to resolve that conflict.

Mediation can be used in many ways relating to the workplace. For example, where there has been:

  • A breakdown in a working relationship
  • An accusation of bullying/harassment/discrimination that remains unresolved
  • A desire to rebuild a working relationship
  • An employment tribunal application raised, whether or not the employment has ended
  • Helping colleagues to form an effective working relationship where they have very different styles or values

Where no formal complaint has been lodged, mediation can help those involved to resolve their differences without the stress and time of a formal procedure. Where a formal procedure has begun, mediation can work within formal timescales and in many instances will help to create a resolution that brings the formal procedure to an early close and support an ongoing working relationship between parties.


There are different styles and approaches of mediation that may be suitable depending on the context and organisational culture. We offer a bespoke service that meets the needs of the individuals involved and the organisational structure within which they work, on time and on budget. This means they’re experts at getting to the root of the matter, helping individuals understand the impact they have on one another, getting ‘stuck’ conversations moving again and then keeping them on track.

We offer coaching prior to a joint mediation taking place, to maximise the motivation of both parties to reach a workable solution. This also allows both parties to share with the mediator the relevant issues and have the space to consider what the key issues are, that they wish to discuss.

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What are the benefits of using workplace mediation?

  • Resolution can be achieved in days or weeks rather than months or years
  • Mediation can get to the issues which contributed to the creation of the dispute
  • There is greater satisfaction with the results as the parties control the outcome
  • The costs are lower – a positive outcome from mediation results in greater management time available, increase in team productivity and avoids costs associated with a grievance or tribunal.
  • Management time is better employed
  • Relationships can be preserved
  • It avoids damage to the relationships within a team which could be caused by an internal investigation of a complaint
  • The parties are more likely to abide by the solution since they design and agree to it